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The elegant cantina is the indisputable crowning jewel of Enoteca Costantini. To fully understand this it is enough to journey down the stairs and immerse yourself in the seemingly never-ending rows of wine. Allow yourself to become lost in the cantina until you discover the vault, a decadent dream for true wine lovers. An intimate and noble space reserved for the most privileged French and Italian labels including an 1891 Brunello di Montalcino Biondi Santi Riserva.
Enoteca Costantini is located directly on Piazza Cavour, near Castle Saint Angelo and the famous Vatican wall, in the heart of Rome. It is here, that in 1972, Piero and Rosy Costantini laid the first stone of what may very well be the first true Enoteca established in the eternal city. Today, little more than 30 years later, Enoteca Costantini is a virtual institution for wine aficionados in which one can find nearly any bottle of wine, liqueur, or spirits.
With a selection of wine labels numbering more than 4,000, a choice of spirits exceeding 1,000, and a cantina covering nearly 800 square meters, Enoteca Costantini guarantees an unmatched selection and quality.
For the Costantini family, wine is above all a synonym for culture. For this reason, the Enoteca has been offering wine tasting courses to the public through its collaboration with the Associazione Sommelier e Buongustai, ASB.
If you have a true passion for wine, this is the place for you.
Enoteca Costantini
Piazza Cavour, 16 - Roma
Tel +39 06 3203575
Fax +39 06 3213210
email: servizioclienti@pierocostantini.it
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